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Choose The Right Floor Cleaning Machine

Getting the right combination of floor cleaning equipment is one of the key factors in keeping your premises looking prestigious, clean and safe for workers and visitors.

When considering which floor cleaning machine to acquire, it is important to consider the following:

  • How much dirt and detritus will be generated ?
  • How big are the dirt particles?
  • Is the dirt oily, dusty, wet, etc?
  • What type of surface is to be cleaned?
  • How many operatives will be involved in the cleaning process?
  • Do you have a benchmark to work towards?



Nilfisk 625

Sweeper or Floor Scrubber?

When considering the amount of, and the size of, dirt and detritus to be cleaned, the key decision is whether a floor sweeper or a scrubber dryer would be the most applicable machine.

Sweepers are generally designed for larger debris such as metal shavings, chippings, paper, etc. On the other hand, scrubber dryers are more suited to removing dust, fine materials and fluids from hard floors. In some cases, there may be a requirement to sweep and scrub the surface in which case either two machines will be required, or alternatively for larger application a combination sweeper/scrubber could be used.

One thing to be considered with combination sweeper/scrubbers is that they sometimes have limited hopper and tank sizes, which can reduce their productivity over time (due to more time spent refilling and emptying the hopper).

Pedestrian or Ride-on Machine?

The choice of pedestrian or ride-on machine is partly down to the size of the area to be cleaned and partly down to how much cleaning is required. Ride-on sweepers and scrubbers offer huge productivity gains over walk-behind machines (indeed operators can do more without the physical exertion).

Contemporary machines are compact enough to clean small spaces and are maneuverable to turn within their own length, meaning that ride-on machines are more appropriate in the majority of applications.

Maintaining Floor Cleaning Machines

In most applications, there are likely to be several users of machinery and, as a result, it is advisable to ensure that one person is responsible for reporting any issues and general maintenance. With a contract rental sweeper or scrubber from ASH, a full maintenance and servicing schedule will be in place but it is still imperative to report any damage or known issues.

Working together, our preventative maintenance approach (with monthly service visits) will ensure that you have maximum machine uptime.

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