Nilfisk 1450D

Tennant T5

Drastically Reduce Your Ownership Costs!


Our approach to contract rental gives you all the benefits of having a professionally-maintained sweeper or scrubber dryer without the need for the initial capital outlay. With an increasing focus on the bottom-line, combined with the tax advantages of contract rental, not only will we take any problems of owning floor cleaning machines away from you, but we will save you money (and time!) as a result.

With a contract rental floor cleaning machine from ASH Clean, we offer replacement equipment throughout the contract combined with inclusive servicing and parts. This makes us a cost-effective and truly viable alternative to owning your own floor cleaning machine.

Our package offers a full service and maintenance schedule, including breakdowns caused by misuse and abuse (please note that this only excludes any parts damaged by misuse)! Therefore, you can budget for a single monthly payment over the life of the contract (we even replace the brushes and squeegee blades every 6 months!).

With contract rental from ASH, you will never be charged for call outs or for any labour associated with the machines we supply, it is all-inclusive and saves you thousands of pounds every year!

In addition, our contract rental gives you the following peace of mind (at no extra cost):

  • Monthly service inspections (filters changed, squeegee blades are reversed, batteries inspected and all engine levels checked).  This significantly reduces the risk of problems arising.

  • Comprehensive quarterly service by our fully-trained and certified engineers.

  • New scrubbing brushes and squeegee blades fitted every 6 months.

  • All service costs and breakdowns are covered by the contract rental and no labour is charged to repair equipment.

  • Only parts damaged from misuse and abuse are chargeable.

  • We offer a 24 hour service response.

  • We replace any machine that is out of action for 36 hours, no matter what the problem is.

  • Fully inclusive training and support to all operatives.



Nilfisk Alto MPV60

Tennant 7300

Why should I rent or contract hire a machine ?
  • The cost of equipment on rental is cheaper than purchasing and the related total cost of ownership
  • The equipment can be tied directly to the length of a contract (e.g. 12 months)
  • It is in our interests to keep the equipment in optimum condition, should this fall below a level we would happily exchange the machine
  • Problem machines (and unfortunately some do exist) can be exchanged - far easier than repairing under warranty on customer’s site
  • The costs of repairs are nil (unless damage or misuse and abuse occurs)
  • 100% tax benefits
  • No equipment to write off and depreciate through the accounts
  • No redundant stock to store at the end of a contract
  • You can relocate a machine to another site – in fact we will even deliver it there!
  • A fixed monthly cost with no surprises (unless you give us one!) 

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