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Tennant 7400
Our walk-behind scrubber dryers ensure that hard floor are clean, immediately dry and safe for pedestrians.

Employees, visitors or guests are kept safe while your floors are clean and attractive thanks to the first (and only) automatic scrubbing system that has been high-traction certified by the National Floor Safety Institute.

In more industrial areas, our heavy-duty ride-on scrubber dryers tackle grease, grime, sand and even glycol and industrial oils. Cleaning nearly all surfaces, from narrow aisles and indoor areas to car parks and tarmac, our machines are designed to withstand the toughest use while maintaining uptime and meeting increasingly high standards of cleanliness.

If productivity is the major issue, we have a range of sweeper-scrubbers that maximise efficiency with double-duty models offering sweeping and scrubbing performance in a single machine. Exceptionally reliable, these sweeper-scrubbers collect debris while leaving floors clean and freshly scrubbed. The time-saving you will experience is further increased by the effective dust control and extended scrub features.

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Nilfisk BA 551
Nilfisk BR 850
Nilfisk BA 551
Nilfisk BR 850



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