Tennant 7100

Nilfisk BR1100

Short Term Rental

We have a huge range of sweepers and scrubber dryer which are available for short or long term rental.

From small pedestrian machines through to large industrial ride on sweeper/scrubbers, you can be assured that ASH Clean will have a machine to suit your needs.

With flexible renting periods, delivery to and from site and extremely competitive rates, contact us today to discuss your requirements and for a no-obligation quote.

Which Machine?

With a short-term rental machine, you are probably looking to get the most out of the equipment in the shortest amount of time. Therefore, you will need to determine what type of cleaning you are looking to achieve.

Sweepers are essentially industrial vacuum cleaners designed to brush up debris and they are available in pedestrian (walk-behind) and ride-on variants. Scrubbers dryers use a combination of water and cleaning chemicals to soak, scrub and squeegee the surface and again pedestrian and ride-on machines are available for hire.

Where both sweeping and scrubbing are required (in larger areas), a ride-on combination sweeper/scrubber will clear any debris and then scrub the floor.

It is the customer's responsibility to take measurements of any access areas and aisles to ensure that the machine is the correct type and not too big for the areas to be cleaned.



Nilfisk 551

Tennant 6200
Contract Rental

If you have a long-term rental requirement for a machine (i.e. a year or longer) then you should consider our contract rental solution as opposed to short term rental. Our approach to contract rental gives you all the benefits of having a professionally-maintained sweeper or scrubber dryer without the need for the initial capital outlay. With an increasing focus on the bottom-line, combined with the tax advantages of contract rental, not only will we take any problems of owning floor cleaning machines away from you, but we will save you money (and time!) as a result.

With a contract rental sweeper, scrubber or sweeper/scrubber from ASH Clean, we offer replacement equipment throughout the contract combined with inclusive servicing and parts. This makes us a cost-effective and truly viable alternative to owning your own floor cleaning machine.

Our package offers a full service and maintenance schedule, including breakdowns caused by misuse and abuse (please note that this only excludes any parts damaged by misuse)! Therefore, you can budget for a single monthly payment over the life of the contract (we even replace the brushes and scrubber dryer squeegee blades every 6 months!).

With contract rental from ASH, you will never be charged for call outs or for any labour associated with the machines we supply, it is all-inclusive and saves you thousands of pounds every year!

For more details on our contract rental solution please click here

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